What's covered with your vehicle service contract:


Gasoline Engine*

All internal lubricated parts including, but not limited to: balance shafts, cam bearings, cam tower, camshaft, connecting rods, crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder head, harmonic balancer and retainer bolt, lifters, oil filter adapter/housing, oil pump and pressure relief valve, piston rings, pistons, pushrods, rocker arms (cam followers), rod and main bearings, timing belt and pulleys, timing belt tensioner, timing chain housing (cover), timing chain and sprockets, valve springs, valves and guides, wrist pins, crankshaft pulley, dipstick and tube, engine mounts, engine oil cooler hoses, engine oil sending unit, expansion (freeze) plugs, flywheel, fuel supply pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, oil pan, oil pump housing, temperature sending unit, thermostat and housing, vacuum pump, valve covers, water pump

Turbocharged/Supercharged/Rotary/Diesel/Enhanced Engines

All of the above listed parts or equivalent, plus: bypass valve, clutch and pulley, compressor, hard lines, injection pump, intercooler, lines and nozzles, supercharger, turbocharger, waste gate controller

All Engine coverage components, plus:



All internal lubricated parts including, but not limited to: bands, bearings, bushings, clutches, drums, gear sets, governor, main shaft, oil pump, sealing rings, solenoids, torque converter, transmission case, valve body Continuously variable transmission (CVT) and all internal components, cooler, cooler hoses and hard lines, dipstick and tube, electronic shift control unit, flex plate and ring gear, shift lever knob, shift linkage and cables, throttle valve cable, transmission mounts, transmission pan, vacuum modulator


All internal lubricated parts including, but not limited to: bearings, bushings, gear sets, main shaft, shift forks, synchronizers, transmission case. Clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, shift cable, shift lever knob, transmission mounts

Transfer Case (4x4 Vehicles)*

All internal lubricated parts including, but not limited to: bearings, bushings, chain and sprockets, gear sets, main shaft, transfer case Electronic and vacuum engagement components, mounts, transfer case control unit


All internal parts including, but not limited to: axle shafts, bearings, bushings, carrier case, chain and sprockets, final drive housing, gear sets. Drive shaft support, front hub bearings, locking hub assemblies (4x4), rear hub bearings, universal joints


All internal lubricated parts including, but not limited to: axle shafts, bearings, bushings, carrier case, drive axle housing, gear sets, limited slip clutch pack. Drive shaft support, front hub bearings, propeller shafts, rear hub bearings, universal joints


Electric coolant pump, electric oil pump, electric motor/generator(s) and all internal components, inverter/converter/ transformer units and all internal components, inverter/converter/transformer units cover, power split device and all internal components, reduction/reducer box and all internal components



All internal lubricated parts including, but not limited to: bearings, bushings, housing/case, rack and pinion-equipped valve assembly, sealing rings, sector shaft

Center link/drag link, cooler and hard lines, coupling, electric power steering motor, fluid reservoir, idler arm, inner rod ends and bellows boots, pitman arm, power cylinder assembly, power steering pump and pulley, pressure and return hoses, rack mounts and cushions, speed sensor- or steering gear-equipped pitman shaft and valve assembly, steering main and intermediate shafts, tie rods

Does not include Rear-Wheel Steering components


Bump stop cushions, control arm shafts, kingpins, stabilizer linkage including mounts and bushings, stabilizer shaft, steering knuckle (spindle), strut rods and bushings, torsion bar mounts and bushings, upper and lower ball joints including dust boots, upper and lower control arms, wheel bearings and seals


Assist booster, backing plates, brake pedal shaft, clips and retainers, combination valve, disc brake calipers and rear caliper actuators, hard lines and fittings, master cylinder, parking brake linkage and cables,

self-adjusters, springs, wheel cylinders


Electronic fuel injection system (including all input/sensors and output/control units, except EGR valve, related to the fuel injection system), idle speed or automatic idle speed assemblies, injectors, powertrain control module (PCM)


Alternator, distributor and coil, electronic ignition module, engine management control unit, front and rear windshield wiper motors and delay controller, knock sensor, manually operated switches (turn signal, headlight, dimmer, and wiper switches), mechanically actuated switches (ignition, brake light and neutral safety switch), oxygen sensor, starter motor and drive, starter solenoid, voltage regulator, wiring harnesses


Accumulator, clutch and pulley, compressor and mounting brackets, condenser, drier, evaporator, high/low pressure cutoff switches, high/low pressure hoses, orifice tube, pressure cycling switch, temperature control head, temperature control programmer, thermostat, and Freon refrigerant if necessary in conjunction with the repair of the components within this assembly


Electric AC compressor, junction block, main battery cable


All seals and gaskets on the assemblies listed above